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Your Trusted


for Building Material

Qbuild is an international sourcing and procurement company with its primary focus on building materials manufactured in China. Our customer base is predominantly located in Australia. With more than 15 years' experience in building material procurement and permanent team in China, QBuild is ideally positioned to be a trusted buying office for builders and developers which will help your business gain that competitive edge. 

Our Service

Considering customers’ needs, we provide the service from design to construction. We have extensive experience working with interior designer, meeting customers’ needs of trendy and innovative design. We have engineering team to do the steel structure detailing, special parts design to fit the construction needs, match the size of materials from different suppliers and calculate the quantity for each products. We also have procurement team to get the products at the right price and deliver to the site on time. Should your project require assistance with professional services, we will deliver.

Our Products

We sourced and procured a vast range of building materials to support our customers to fulfil many projects. Here is some products we have stable suppliers and experience.

Luxury Kitchen
Focus on building materials manufactured
Professional company team
Environmentally friendly building materials
Good customer relationship
Our Projects

We source and procure a variety of quality material with competitive price to help our customers to implement the project quickly. The project can be residential houses, motel, town houses, apartment and flat-pack house.

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