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Construction work planning


In competitive construction market it is innovation, quality, price and time to market that will drive your business forward.

Who We Are

QBuild is an international sourcing and procurement company with its primary focus on building materials manufactured in China. Our customer base is predominantly located in Australia. With more than 15 years' experience in building material procurement and permanent team in China, QBuild is ideally positioned to be a trusted buying office for builders and developers which will help your business gain that competitive edge.


Our Vision is to become your preferred partner for the construction materials. We source and procure the products that not only provide competitive price, but which are also carbon-reduced and smart-technology.

What we do

QBuild source and supply products including, but not limited to, light gauge steel house, cladding, window and doors, sanitaryware, flooring, fence and cabinetry etc.

We have extensive experience working with interior designers, meeting customers' needs of trendy and innovative design.

Our ability to check engineering and manufacturing standards with our in-house engineering team ensures the highest-quality products are delivered to satisfied customers.

Focused on modern methods of construction, we produce more accurate cost forecasts and delivery scheduling, higher quality, improved project performance with a lower carbon footprint.

Should your project require assistance with professional services? We help deliver comprehensive solutions to suit your project requirements.

How We Do

Whether you choose to source a single product or a more complex multi-unit housing project, QBuild will do its best to ensure your needs are met by implementing its standard workflow procedures.

We work with our clients as partners in the projects by using our knowledge and technology to help develop robust strategies with properly planned implementation.  Our team includes quality control officers and engineers on the ground overseeing every step of production ensuring your needs are met and communicated effectively.

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